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Our Mission

SLOWOOD has offered a wide range of refill services since our launch in 2019 and our growing Slofolk community has collectively made small lifestyle changes to adopt this new habit. Our 4 locations across Hong Kong have made this easier for many but we’ve learnt that convenience and cost are large barriers for those who are yet to make the change.



This is where ‘Refill’ comes in. Placing our Refill machines in multiple locations throughout the city can make the sustainable habit more convenient to adopt for more people.


We’ve worked closely with a local company to formulate our products. Bringing these to you directly means we can offer especially good pricing. Removing the rent of full sized stores also contributes to greater affordability of our refillable products. 


Setting up our refill station across communities, allows a wider general public to collaborate on waste reduction. Living a completely zero-waste lifestyle is not easy, but making small changes to the way you consume can be; together we can achieve more than we can alone. 


We believe Hong Kong could become the first "clean city" in Asia, an exemplary city resolving the global problem. We believe that tiny steps can make an impact if we take them together, we hope to make those steps more accessible to the wider community.

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